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Consultants (SKM) report on actions required to implement the Washpool Management Plan (2007)This document presents the Restoration Action Plan for the Washpool Lagoon, detailing the feasibility and financial costs of implementing a number of actions, derived from the Management Plan (QED, 2007). The Restoration Action Plan provides justification for each activity from a pragmatic and scientific perspective. Two additional studies were also undertaken in the development of the actions, including water balance modelling and an animal crossing strategy for Norman Road. The recommended actions to improve ecological values at Washpool Lagoon are summarised below, together with anticipated outcomes: Action 1 – Undertake detailed botanical survey of broader site. This will provide: (i) Up-to-date data on site vegetation communities and locations of significant species at Washpool Lagoon to inform weed management and re-vegetation plans. Action 2 - Development and implementation of vegetation restoration strategy. This will result in: (i) Reduced weed infestations across the site and improved native botanical diversity. (ii) Improved habitat value for fauna and an increase in biodiversity at the site. Action 3 – Implement Five Year Monitoring Program. This will: (i) Identify and update ecological and hydrological information at Washpool Lagoon (ii) Allow the development of actions to increase the duration and extent of inundation, and development of vegetation management. (iii) Allow the success of the Action Plan to be evaluated and implementation of adaptive management if required.